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  • Good Return on Your Investment – Epoxy Floors Cost Very Little and Bring Big Returns
  • No Risk Guaranty – Our Company Promises Quality Service and We Stand Behind That Promise 100%
  • An Easy Customer Experience – When We Commit to a Day and Time You Can Count on Us Being There!
  • So Many Choices!  – No Matter Your Style Preference, We Have It. Explore Our Large Selection of Both Patterns and Colors.
  • Decorative Concrete Installs Epoxy Floors in the Areas Surrounding the City of Auburn, Indiana
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Epoxy Floors / Garage Floors FAQ
How much money should I budget if I want to install an epoxy floor over my existing garage floor?

The cost of replacing an existing garage floor with a new epoxy floor is determined by an inspection of the area to be covered. One of our professionals takes precise measurements and discusses what type of look you might like. They then  figure in all costs – repair, preparation, and materials, and present you with a detailed quote.


Some things that are taken into consideration when pricing your new epoxy floor are:


  • How much surface area will be treated?
  • Does the existing floor (soon to be sub-floor) need to be repaired before applying the epoxy?
  • What type of application is needed to ensure the best epoxy floor possible?


Our business was built on the positive referrals of previous customers. We understand that nothing replaces word-of-mouth advertising. Therefore, we are dedicated to making our customer’s happy. No matter how large or small your job might be, we give it everything we’ve got. We want you to think your new epoxy floor is the best purchase you’ve ever made.


Call us for a quotation. The cost of a beautiful new garage floor is less than you might think.

My garage floor has cracks and pits. Do I need to make repairs before you can lay down the new floor?

You don’t need to do a thing. All repair work and initial preparation are included in the quoted price. We want the whole experience to be hassle-free. However, we do ask that you remove your belongings from the garage before we arrive. That way they are protected. Outside of that you don’t need to do a thing. Let us take care of it for you.

Can I install epoxy floors in other places besides a garage?

Oh, Yes!


Epoxy floors make wonderful basement floors, bathroom floors, and business flooring. The same things that make epoxy floors perfect for garage floors also make them perfect for other applications.


  • Water and Stain Resistant
  • Economical
  • Decorative
  • Durable


Let us show you some examples of where epoxy floors might work for you. Give us a call today!

How much time does the installation of an epoxy floor take?

The installation only takes a short amount of time. Curing time is about three days. Once your floor has cured completely, you may drive cars onto it without causing damage.

Bring the Beauty of Epoxy Floors to Your Garage


All it takes is one small oil leak to stain a concrete floor. The porous material just sucks up that oil and  even with some super-hefty industrial chemicals it won’t ever look the same. The beautiful thing is that epoxy floors are stain resistant. All you have to do is wipe up the puddle and give it a good mopping.  The epoxy floor returns back to its original state with no stain. Just this aspect alone makes epoxy floors the best choice for  garage floors.


All it takes is a quick phone call or a click of the mouse. Contact us today for a quote on your new epoxy floor.


Just call this number:  (260) 438-8018 – Ask for Josh.


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