How to Remove Epoxy Flooring from Concrete

garage floor remove epoxy flooring from concrete

How to Remove Epoxy Flooring from Concrete

Under certain circumstances, wyou might need to remove an epoxy garage floor. Because the product binds with the concrete, this presents a challenge. Also, if the DIY epoxy coating was not applied correctly, removal might require the services of an expert. Let’s take a quick look at the two ways to remove epoxy flooring from concrete.

Removing Epoxy Paint from Concrete

If you’ve purchased an older house with a painted garage floor, the chances are good that they used epoxy paint. Epoxy paint enjoyed a brief period of popularity about a decade ago until people realized that there were more durable alternatives on the market.

The good news is that even though the epoxy paint will prove difficult to remove, you can take it off it without the help of a contractor. The first thing you need to do is mop the floor. Make sure you get up any oil or chemicals that might be present. You do not want the solvents reacting with the residue on the floor.

Purchase stripper or solvent online or from your local home store. Make sure it is the proper one for epoxy paint removal. Dilute it according to the directions and apply it to the surface of the painted floor with a mop. Use swirling motions and make sure the floor is completely covered.

Be very careful to properly ventilate the room. The chemical reaction will generate both heat and fumes. As the paint begins to dissolve it will start to form puddles. Keep your skin covered and avoid contact with either the solvent or the dissolved paint.

After the paint bubbles and starts to pull away from the floor, you need to scrape. Use a long-handled scraper and begin a back and forth pattern across the room until all the paint is free from the concrete. Use cold water to help remove any residue left by scraping.

Once you have removed as much of the epoxy paint as possible, let the floor dry completely. It may be necessary to repeat the entire process several times before all the epoxy paint comes off the concrete.

To Remove Epoxy Flooring from Concrete

Epoxy flooring is different than epoxy paint. More than likely it was applied by a professional and more than likely it will need to be removed by one. The epoxy used to form epoxy garage floors chemically binds with the concrete. That is what gives it the durability required for high-use areas, such as garages.

The best way to remove epoxy flooring from concrete is to grind it away. Since most people don’t own industrial grinders, this means hiring a contractor. Also, it is important not to damage the underlying concrete, or you might as well pour a new floor.

The very characteristics that make epoxy flooring desirable also make them difficult to remove from concrete. Thankfully, with proper maintenance, a professional epoxy floor should last a lifetime. If you need to remove epoxy flooring from concrete, then give us a call. It could be that we can offer an alternative. At the very least we can guide you on how to have it removed.